Asleep In America
Photography: Peter DiGrazia
Music: Jay Cloidt
Voice: Amanda MoodyVideo_files/
Excerpt from In The Memory of the Forest; ODC/San Francisco; Video: David & 
Hi Jin HodgeVideo_files/
Excerpt from  Raking Light
ODC/San Francisco
Performed by Cypress Quartet Choreography: Brenda Way
What Is Missing?
From They Will Have Been So Beautiful; live recording of Amy X. Neuburg & The Paul Dresher ElectroAcoustic Band
Text: Melody Sumner CarnahanVideo_files/
Skin of Iron, from D’Arc: Woman On Fire; Amanda Moody, vocals & Elaine Kreston, cello
Music: Cloidt, Text: Moody 
Video: Sashwa Burrous
Music: Jay Cloidt
Video: David & Hi Jin HodgeVideo_files/
Excerpt: CrossTalk
Nancy Karp + Dancers; West Wave Dance Festival, San Francisco, 2007; Choreography: Nancy Karp; Piano & electronics: Marja MutruVideo_files/
Excerpt from Lifesaving Maneuvers; ODC/San Francisco; Music from CLANGOR+ostinato, 
Performed on the UC Berkeley Carillon by Tiffany NgVideo_files/
Music: Jay Cloidt
Video & image processing: Mark PalmerVideo_files/
Carriloneur Tiffany Ng discusses CLANGOR+ostinato and contemporary carillon music